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Autopsy on Mohbad's Death Inconclusive: Pathologist Reports Decomposition Hindered Investigation
17 May
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Autopsy Inconclusive on Mohbad's Mysterious Death

The recent autopsy conducted on the late Nigerian artist Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, has yielded inconclusive results concerning the cause of his tragic death. Mohbad, an artist who captured the hearts of many with his unique sound and poignant lyrics, was suddenly thrust into the spotlight posthumously as questions surrounding his untimely demise began to circulate. This particular narrative has taken another complex turn as Wahab Shittu, lawyer to Mohbad’s family, disclosed the autopsy's findings.

Results Hindered by Decomposition

During a press briefing held at the coroner's inquiry in Lagos State, Shittu outlined the challenges faced by the pathologist. Initially, it appeared that a precise determination could be made; however, the state of the body presented significant hurdles. The forensic expert noted that by the time they could perform the examination, Mohbad's body had undergone substantial decomposition. This decomposition had set in because the body was not exhumed within the optimal 12-hour window after burial. This delay critically impeded their ability to ascertain a clear cause of death, as vital forensic markers that could have provided answers were no longer detectable.

Potential Role of Medication

The plot thickens further when considering the medical treatment Mohbad may have received prior to his death. The pathologist hinted that specific drugs administered before he passed away might have played a role in his demise. However, they stopped short of confirming whether these drugs were directly responsible. This ambiguity leaves a significant gap in understanding the full picture and has contributed to the ongoing speculation and debate.

Social Media Outcry and Legal Fallout

Since the announcement of Mohbad's death on September 12, 2023, social media has been awash with theories, accusations, and demands for justice. The subsequent days saw notable figures like Naira Marley, the CEO of Marlian Music—Mohbad's former record label—and Balogun Eletu, also known as Sam Larry, embroiled in legal scrutiny. They, along with others, were arrested but later released on bail as the investigation continues. It’s a situation that has engrossed both fans and the general public, many of whom are keenly following each development closely.

Coroner's Inquest and Looking Forward

As it stands, the inquest has been rescheduled to June 11. On this date, forensic experts will face further questioning, bringing a renewed focus on the evidence and what it may finally reveal. Many hope that this session will shed light on the troubling questions still surrounding Mohbad's death. There is an expectation that with more diligent effort, the truth will come to the fore, allowing Mohbad's family, friends, and fans to find some measure of closure.

A Larger Discussion on Forensic Practices

This case also opens up a broader discussion on the practices surrounding exhumation and the timing of autopsies in Nigeria. The fact that decomposition was a major hurdle in determining Mohbad’s cause of death raises questions about the processes and protocols followed in similar cases. It underscores a need for better forensic infrastructure and practices to handle such sensitive investigations promptly and efficiently. In many instances, the initial hours after death are critical, and delays can cloud the truth in ways similar to what we're witnessing in Mohbad’s case.

Remembering Mohbad

While the investigation continues, it’s essential to remember Mohbad for his contributions to music and culture. His voice and message resonated with many, and his sudden departure leaves a void that is keenly felt. Tributes have poured in from fans, colleagues, and industry insiders, all remembering a young talent taken too soon. His story, though marred by tragedy, should also be one of celebration for his creativity and the impact he made during his too-short career.

Continuing the Investigation

As we await further developments, the legal and forensic teams involved have a substantial task ahead. The need for transparency and meticulous examination cannot be overstated. The public eye remains sharply focused, with an unequivocal call for accountability and truth. While the path to conclusivity appears challenging, as illustrated by the hurdles faced already, the quest for answers continues undeterred.

Elara Moodley

Elara Moodley

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