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Premier League 2024-25 Fixtures: Exciting Matchups Await in Newly Released Schedule
18 Jun
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Excitement Builds for Premier League 2024-25 Season with Release of Full Fixture List

Football fans across the globe are buzzing with excitement as the full fixture list for the Premier League 2024-25 season has been revealed. This season promises an electrifying array of matches featuring top clubs and notable returning teams. Among the highlights are reigning champions Manchester City and the reappearance of Leicester City, Ipswich Town, and Southampton, who have made their way back to the top-flight league.

Title Defenders and Top Contenders

As Manchester City prepares to defend their title, they face a challenging schedule that includes a highly anticipated match against Arsenal on August 18. This fixture stands out as one of the key early tests for both clubs, with Arsenal also eyeing the championship after an impressive title challenge in the previous season. Notably, Arsenal is set for another thrilling encounter against Manchester City on February 1, adding to the intensity of their rivalry.

Under the guidance of Erik ten Hag, Manchester United is another club with high expectations. Their tactical approach and strong squad will be tested throughout the season as they aim to reclaim their status among the elite. Fans will be particularly keen to follow how ten Hag's leadership influences the team's performance in crucial matches.

New Managers Bring Fresh Dynamics

The appointment of new managers always adds an element of unpredictability, and this season is no different. Liverpool has appointed Arne Slot, known for his innovative tactics and ability to maximize player potential. Slot's influence will be closely monitored, especially in key matches such as Liverpool's clash with Arsenal on October 26 and the intriguing face-off against Chelsea on the same day.

Speaking of Chelsea, the club has also made a significant managerial change by bringing in Enzo Maresca. Known for his strategic prowess, Maresca's leadership is expected to bring a new dynamic to Chelsea's play. The team's fixture list also includes important games against Manchester City on August 18, Wolves on August 24, and a series of challenging matches throughout the season, underscoring the tough journey ahead.

Relegation and Return: Leicester, Ipswich, and Southampton

The return of Leicester City, Ipswich Town, and Southampton to the Premier League is another fascinating aspect of the upcoming season. Each of these teams has a rich history in the top flight, and their return is eagerly awaited by fans. Leicester City's first key match will be against Arsenal on September 28, a game that will test their readiness and resolve. Southampton will also have significant fixtures, including an exciting match against Manchester City on April 26. Ipswich Town's journey back to the Premier League will be closely followed as they navigate the competitive landscape of England's top football league.

Fixtures to Watch: Key Dates and Anticipated Clashes

The Premier League's fixture list is packed with high-stakes encounters that promise thrills and drama. Some of the standout matches include:

  • Manchester City v Arsenal on August 18
  • Arsenal v Manchester City on February 1
  • Manchester City v Wolves on September 21
  • Arsenal v Wolves on August 17
  • Aston Villa v Arsenal on August 24
  • Brighton v Arsenal on August 31
  • Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal on September 14
  • Leicester City v Arsenal on September 28
  • Southampton v Arsenal on October 5
  • Bournemouth v Arsenal on April 10

For Liverpool and Chelsea, the following matches are particularly noteworthy:

  • Liverpool v Arsenal on October 26
  • Liverpool v Chelsea on October 26
  • Manchester City v Chelsea on August 18
  • Wolves v Chelsea on August 24
  • Chelsea v Crystal Palace on August 31
  • Bournemouth v Chelsea on September 14
  • West Ham United v Chelsea on September 21
  • Brighton v Chelsea on September 28
  • Nottingham Forest v Chelsea on October 5
  • Newcastle United v Chelsea on April 26
  • Everton v Chelsea on May 3

These matches are anticipated not just for their competitive nature but also for the tactical battles that will be waged on the field, with each manager bringing their unique approach to the game.


The 2024-25 Premier League season is shaping up to be an extraordinary testament to the sport's excitement and unpredictability. With top teams, new managerial changes, and returning clubs, fans are in for a feast of football that's sure to deliver memorable moments. Mark your calendars, set your reminders, and get ready to witness the beautiful game at its finest.

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